Upcoming Events

3/17 Sunday Service
Fitch High, 10am

3/24 Sunday Service
Speaker: Dr. McAnulty
Fitch High, 10am

3/31 Easter Sunday Service
"Cross Video"
Ocean Beach, 10am

Ministry Leaders

Gary & Gail Sciascia

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We are a non-denominational, multi-racial church family devoted to the Bible as our standard and Jesus as Lord. For more information about our church family worldwide and what we believe,  click here.

Seven and a half years ago, the Hartford Church of Christ was planted. The initial devotional took place in a small, living room. At the time, there were no official congregations of the International Churches of Christ in the state... 
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Light the Fire Within
Is your life on fire or burned out?
2002 Men’s Forum

Saturday, March 23, 9:30 am-12:30 pm
Held at Ocean Beach’s Port’n starboard room. Includes buffet breakfast, inspirational message from the Bible and more. Guest speaker is Dr. David McAnulty, psychologist and minister for the Boston Church of Christ. 
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Perhaps… we first realized what it would take to adopt our daughter from China when our adoption packet arrived outlining all the details and costs, etc. It seemed very challenging. However, we knew God loved her more than we could and he would get her to us. We would have to work hard. Let's face it nothing good comes without a challenge or a fight, right? 
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